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"It was such a fun experience having Hope analyze my colors! I highly recommend it! 

The whole process is much more scientific than I expected. Hope's logical, thoughtful and patient approach helped me understand the reasoning behind the analysis and gave me real confidence in her finding that Bright Spring is the right color palette for me. 

Doing a color analysis with Hope has opened my eyes to look at color in a new way. Her analysis showed me that some of my assumptions about what does and doesn't work for me were wrong. But more importantly, Hope's coaching has given me confidence to incorporate more color into my otherwise very neutral wardrobe. Color always seemed like a risk to me before, but with Hope's guidance I'm now really looking forward to having more color in my life!"

— Zindzi, Bright Spring

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"I was eager to do a session with Hope because I have always loved color but was never sure which colors worked for me. I was surprised to find out that I am a Bright Winter. These are not the colors I usually chose for myself, but it was clear through the process of working through all the palettes that these brights had a definite positive influence on my appearance. So far I have only been getting rave reviews for the small adjustments I've made to my wardrobe. It's so simple and so empowering. Hope is knowledgeable, patient and encouraging during the session and she sent great follow-up resources afterwards to help me transition my wardrobe and embrace my new colors. Now my husband wants to do it too. Everyone should get a personal color analysis!"

— Sebene, Bright Winter

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"I had my "colors done" in the 80's but past experience can't compare to the comprehensive session that Hope Turner of Colors By Hope offered me. As soon as I walked in the door she put me at ease with her warmth and professionalism. During the session Hope offered advice, all the while educating me about how colors work together and how they compliment - or don't! - my skin and eyes. Having my colors scrutinized was a very personal experience but it was a collaborative process. I felt like we were partners. I also did a make-up consultation which I recommend too. I left with my Soft Autumn color palette, feeling confident and empowered to curate my wardrobe going forward. Color analysis is a gift that keeps on giving!"

— Valerie, Soft Autumn

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"I had a fabulous experience with Colors by Hope. Patient, perceptive, and playful, Hope could not be a better color analyst. Hope took the time to explain the nuances of various colors and how they affected the appearance of my features, skin, and hair. I found her studio to be comfortable and inviting and I look forward to trying out my new palette (True Winter). I am already feeling more confident about my wardrobe and comfortable with my appearance! Believe the hype!"

— Scott, True Winter

"Hope was amazing! From the beginning, she introduced the process with passion and enthusiasm. During the color analysis process, I felt well informed and excited about learning more of what my colors would be! After learning I was a Dark Winter, I felt the analysis was right on target. My face glowed and my eyes brightened with every color draped over me in the Dark Winter palette. I recommend Hope to anyone who wants to feel their ultimate best in the colors they wear and in their makeup color choices. Prepare to feel knowledgeable next time you go shopping! Do yourself a favor and go schedule a color analysis with Hope now!"

— Pennylynn, Dark Winter

"How much do you spend on clothing (and makeup, if you wear it) per month, and how much of your wardrobe do you actually wear? While I had assumptions about which colors harmonized with my natural coloring, I wasn’t always right. My personal color analysis with Hope took the guesswork out of building my wardrobe and gave me permission to let go of items that didn’t make me look my best. I was surprised by some of the colors in my season but after seeing how my skin, lips and eyes reacted to each of the different colored drapes, I’ll never look back! 

A personal color analysis is a small investment that will give you the tools to save time and money for the rest of your life, and I highly recommend Hope! She is a joy to work with and an expert in her field."

— Mia, Soft Summer

"My session with Hope was fun and I left feeling like I knew myself better! It led to different choices in my clothes, makeup, and accessories. It helped me put a better foot forward and express myself more completely. Thank you, Hope!"

— Sara, Bright Winter

"I went to Hope for a color analysis, and had an amazing experience from start to finish. Hope is very knowledgeable, and did a great job explaining the different color profiles and what she was looking for during the analysis. She made me feel comfortable and at ease, and made it a fun and interesting experience. I was surprised to see how different I looked wearing different types of colors; it was a much clearer difference than I was expecting to see. I also love having the color palette Hope provided when choosing an outfit or buying something new- it's encouraged me to branch out a bit from my usual colors, and it gives me an extra layer of confidence to know I'm wearing colors that make me look my best."

— Colleen, Bright Spring

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“I am very happy I did my color analysis with Hope. She was awesome to work with and the process was super fun. I realized I'd never really spent any time thinking about what colors I look good in and it's probably something I should have done a long time ago. I'd highly recommend it. It'll be a big confidence boost to your style!

— Naseem, True Winter

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"My friends had their colors done and loved it and now I'm so glad I did too. Hope with 'Colors by Hope' is awesome! She is professional, witty, knowledgeable, passionate about her work, and she fosters a lovely relaxed atmosphere. I always knew that some colors really made me look drawn-out and didn't make me happy to wear and now I know why. It was wonderful to get confirmed which colors bring out the best in my skin, eyes, face and which didn't. Hope really hit the nail on the head with her analysis of my colors. She takes her time and gets it right! It took 2.5 hours. It has been so fun since our appointment, going shopping looking for the hues that are on my color wheel, some of which I have been wearing for years and others which are new. (I also didn't feel guilty donating some sweaters and clothes that I hardly wore b/c now I realize why I didn't love them.) One of the unexpected perks is that Hope will also give you a list of names and colors from makeup lines from low to high end of what would look best on you. I think that's so helpful with lipstick colors, eye color, blush. No more guessing. That's something I didn't know was included in the package. 

I went with a friend and we made a day out of it which was a fun bonding experience too. If you want to treat a friend/sister/mom/girlfriend for her birthday, wedding shower, or do a fun day, it's a cool idea and you both get something you will always have. A pedicure or spa day is fleeting, but you can use this knowledge always. 

Hope's apartment is in a great part of Cambridge, MA, which was another unexpected perk. We made a fun day out of eating wonderful food, shopping and walking Cambridge after our appointments."

— Amy, Bright Winter

"After my consultation with Hope, I walked out the door feeling so confident, radiant, and excited. She gave me smart, practical tools for choosing clothes and makeup - tools I can use for the rest of my life. But, more importantly, she helped me to feel strong and beautiful in my own skin. It was ennobling and enlivening to work with her. I wish it for anyone and everyone."

— Caitie, True Summer