Do you want the tools to look your best? Do you want to save time and money by knowing exactly what to wear? When you wear colors that harmonize with your natural coloring, you appear healthy, radiant, and in control. Colors by Hope provides personal color analysis services so that you can feel confident that you look your best every single day.

How does it work? Personal color analysis is based on the principle of harmony – the idea that different colors come together to form a pleasing and consistent whole when they have certain elements in common. Colors by Hope provides interactive in-person consultations to introduce you to the colors that match your natural coloring. You will understand firsthand why certain colors look best on you. You will also receive a personal handheld swatch book that you can use to pick out your optimal colors while getting dressed, shopping for clothes and makeup, or choosing a new hair color.

Colors by Hope is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Ready to see yourself in color?

I am a 12 Blueprints Certified Personal Color Analyst.

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