12 Blueprints Certified — Trained by Christine Scaman

My Vision

I am a 12 Blueprints Certified Personal Color Analyst. I see personal color analysis as a creative and empowering tool for knowing and expressing yourself. It is my goal to help you feel and look your best by celebrating your natural beauty.

The mainstream fashion industry usually does not help us recognize or embrace our beauty – quite often, it does just the opposite by telling us we are flawed. There are many valid paths toward self-acceptance. For me, personal color analysis represents one of several doorways into greater self-appreciation and authentic self-expression. You may be thinking that color exists as part of the external world, whereas self-acceptance is an internal process. However, I believe personal color analysis has the power to transform both inner and outer realities.

My services are for everyone – all genders, sexual orientations, races and ethnicities, fashion preferences, personalities, abilities, etc. I believe just about anyone can benefit from my services, and I encourage you to come as you are.

My Story

I aspire to live wholeheartedly and find strength in vulnerability. For me, becoming a personal color analyst is part of this aspiration. There are many things I love about personal color analysis. I love the richness and beauty of the different palettes. I love understanding the science of color. But most of all, I love that personal color analysis has helped me accept and appreciate myself just as I am.

Knowing my colors has given me the confidence to be more playful, try new things, and take myself less seriously. I also feel more free to express myself authentically, not only in the way I dress, but also in the way I move, speak, and act. I know that I look my best when I wear the colors that harmonize with my natural coloring, and I feel less affected by what others think or what the media tells me I should look like. 

In addition to being a personal color analyst, I am a social worker, longtime meditator, and avid fantasy and sci-fi reader. I grew up living and traveling in different countries. I speak Spanish and a little bit of French. I love connecting with people.